Television buffs will remember the wacky Per Detective Ace Ventura, and now PlayTech has transformed this wild and wacky concept into a slot game.

Everyone knows Jim Carrey to be mostly entertaining, although sometimes I think his wackiness goes way beyond entertaining and ventures into boring. However, this does in no means diminishes the entertainment properties of the game. There is a chuckle load of amusingly entertaining features such as the three engaged bonus features which resonate with the game, especially when coupled with free spins, wild stacks, extra wilds, and the all-powerful multipliers.
Nothing to see here with the standard 243 wins and five-reel slot game. In this especially funny slot game, the gamer is entrusted with helping Ace Ventura finding solutions to his case by combinations of free game features with animal modifiers.

Betting Options

With a total coin allotment of 40, and coin deposits ranging from 0.40 to 16.00, you can see why this is an amazing deal.
There are three features which can activate arbitrarily on any game spin. Initially, gamers have the Jungle Friends feature in which Ace commands his friends of the jungle on any spin to award gamers with extra wild symbols. Also, the Sneaky Walk feature occurs, when Mr. Ventura tiptoes across all the reels on any spin, to award players with wild stacks.

Lastly, in the Loser feature, Ace Ventura activates a free re-spin with a 2x multiplier. Should players end up empty, another free re-spin is offered with a progressively increasing multiplier until you get a win.

The leading attraction is the Free Games feature which is played when a gamer acquires the Rhino Bonus symbol instantaneously on reels 1 or 3 or 5. The player will then be offered seven free spins and multiple Animal Modifiers.

The Yellow Bat Modifier offers up wild symbols in lots of various positions on the reels after every free spin.

The Red Shark Modifier usually offers gamers an arbitrary amount of free spins.

The Green Gorilla Modifier will effectively elevate a symbol in the feature. This symbol is revealed whilst the feature is in play, a transformation of the highest paying symbol occurs for a bigger win.

The Pink Elephant Modifier will offer up additional paylines to a maximum of 1,024.

The Orange Pigeon Modifier adds an indiscriminate winning multiplier to one wild symbol which appears on the third reel. Gamers can get up to a 10x multiplier, a fact worth knowing.

The Blue Dolphin Modifier is, without a doubt, the best of the best. Gamers are rewarded with a secret winning multiplier when the free spins feature starts,which will be applied to every single win while the player remains in this feature.


There is no doubt that this slot machine, featuring the pet detective Ace Ventura, is exceedingly pleasurable – even though there is less film related commotion in this slot. It makes the slot more of a strategic move to enhance the aesthetics than anything else. There are copious amounts of bonus features that are extremely rewarding and player centric. There is a win around every corner.

I am absolutely blown away by the number of wins, special features, wilds, and win lines in this game. I can safely say that if gamers want to increase their financial position, this is without the shadow of a doubt the most lucrative video slot game to engage in. Besides being quirkily funny and eternally engaging, it is an ode to the infamous Jim Carrey and his wacky animal pet menagerie.

So, hats off to PlayTech; you have managed to tip the scales in your favour.


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